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20. January 2018 Lifestyle 0

Application of InstaNews

The Alexa skill InstaNews can find out information about your last Instagram post, give you the number of followers or posts, and read to you what’s in your bio. For example, say: Information about my last post. Alexa is going to give you some details you requested.

To use InstaNews, you first need to link to your Instagram account. Go to the settings of the skill in your Alexa app.

Exemplary requests:

  • “Information about my last post.”
  • “What’s my latest post doing?”
  • “Tell me the number of my followers.”
  • “How many followers do I have?”
  • “How many posts do I have on Instagram?”
  • “What’s in my bio?”


Instructions & Demo


Screencast of User Log-In


Skill Policy of InstaNews

To use the skill, a link to the user’s Instagram account is required. InstaNews will get the “basic” permissions of the Instagram API. This entitles InstaNews to access the data of the user profile as well as data of the user posts.

The following data is retrieved by the skill:

  • Information of past posts – The Alexa Skill processes the number of likes, as well as the comments and the time of publication of the last Instagram post by the user.
  • Information of the account – The Alexa Skill processes the number of following and by the user followed accounts as well as the description in the bio.

The above listed data will be deleted after the request. No user data is stored, analyzed or forwarded.

Account linking between the Amazon and the Instagram account uses the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework. For this Skill theĀ Implicit Grant is used. To simplify usage and avoid permanent login, the Instagram authorization code is stored by Amazon and linked to the skill. The authorization code will be deleted when the skill is deactivated and can be requested again after reactivation.

Instagram is not involved in that skill.