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20. January 2018 Efficiency 0

Application of PortoInfo

PortoInfo can help you finding information about shipping costs. Therefore, Alexa asks you for the shipping type and its characteristic values. Using these information, Alexa requests to the “portrokalkulator” of the Deutsche Post [portokalkulator.de] and gives you the appropriate shipping options. The following shipping methods with the descriptive data are possible:

  • Postcard > Length [cm], Width [cm]
  • Letter > Length [cm], Width [cm], Height [mm], Weight [g]
  • Shipping Bag > Length [cm], Width [cm], Height [cm], Weight [g]
  • Package > Length [cm], Width [cm], Height [cm], Weight [g]
  • Shipping Roll > Length [cm], Diameter [cm], Weight [g]

Exemplary information on the question “What do you want to ship?”

  • “Send a card”
  • “Send a letter”
  • “Send a shipping bag”
  • “Send a package”
  • “Send a shipping roll”

In the following dialog just response the characteristics of the selected shipping piece. The by Alexa listed shipping options are also available within the Alexa App. So far, that Skill is going to be available only in Germany.

Skill Policy of PortoInfo

Porto Info only uses the shipping information – type of shipped piece and characteristic data of it – and processes it to generate the requests. After successful output, all data will be deleted. No user data is requested or edited within that skill.

Deutsche Post is not involved in the creation or management of this Alexa Skill.