Bust A Fruit

Alexa Skills designed by lobsterskills

Bust A Fruit

25. May 2018 Games 0

Application of Bust A Fruit

Bust A Fruit is about distinguishing ripe fruit from rotten fruit. During the game Alexa will name different kinds of fruits. If the color on your Echo button matches the mentioned fruit, you should press as soon as possible. The fastest of you gets one point. However, if the fastest is wrong, a point is deducted if points have already been collected. The game continues until one player has reached the previously set score. Attention: The blue banana is a desired, freshly discovered fruit from the tropics, which brings two points. So keep your eyes open!

  • Start the game …

    “Alexa, open Bust A Fruit

  • Get the game rules …  (possible at any time)

    “Alexa, rules!”

  • Get the game score … (only during the actual game)

    “Alexa, score!”

  • Skip the score … (only possible during the score announcement)

    “Alexa, skip!”

  • Pause the game … (only during the actual game)

    “Alexa, pause!”

  • End the game or skill … (possible at any time)

    “Alexa, stop!”

  • Get some help …  (possible at any time)

    “Alexa, help!”

Skill policy of Bust A Fruit

No user-specific data is collected or stored by Bust A Fruit. For in-game purposes, the number of skill sessions started and the number of completed games are stored in an AWS DynamoDB database. Further information on the handling of data can be found in the data privacy policy.