Alexa Skills

designed by lobsterskills


Alexa is your personal voice-controlled assistant for everyday life – lobsterskills designs skills for Alexa.


With the right skills and instructions, Alexa provides time-efficient information – more time for the beautiful things.


With skills from Alexa you have more hands free time and can devote yourself to the more important things.


Voice Control is the future. Jump on the train with Alexa and explore the possibilities.

Latest Skills

Pixel Fun

Application of Pixel Fun Pixel Fun is about interpreting pictures correctly and being the first player to say the word you are looking for. There are different modes in the[…]

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27. December 2018 0

Bust A Fruit

Application of Bust A Fruit Bust A Fruit is about distinguishing ripe fruit from rotten fruit. During the game Alexa will name different kinds of fruits. If the color on[…]

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25. May 2018 0


Application of PortoInfo PortoInfo can help you finding information about shipping costs. Therefore, Alexa asks you for the shipping type and its characteristic values. Using these information, Alexa requests to the[…]

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20. January 2018 0